torstai 9. kesäkuuta 2016

Members introduction


My name is Markus Mäkinen and I'm 28 years old from Turku, Finland. I'm studying my first year of degree programme in industrial management engineering in Turku university of applied sciences. I'm really excited about topics like this because i have been working in Cruise ships for few years now. My hobbies are golf, music, friends and discovering the world of beers. I used to play ice hockey for many years but now i'm focusing on studying. Which feels good btw... Looking forward to meet all of you.


My name is Kristian Laine, age 21. I'm from Finland, and I'm a classmate with Markus. I like all different challenges like this one, and I'm very excited to begin this project. My hobbies are gym and also, as Markus, I like drinking beer, and later this year I'll start playing football again. I used to race in national karting series' for 6 years and after that I raced with formula cars for 3 years, in Finland in Formula Fords' and also one race in Spain with Formula 3. I've always liked different kinds of business and I hope that I'll have my own company in the future after the studies are over.